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The… “distant Norwegians” came close to the kind part of the “Cretan craziness” – They reciprocated by a huge container full with love!

Having received such a kind, warm hospitality and love form the people of Crete all these years, Norwegian tourists and inhabitants of Rethymno, wanted to express their gratitude. They did so by a huge container full with hospital equipment for the hospitals and community centers of the island, even with toys for children and house equipment that they will donate to the elderly in the villages.

The material came all the way from Norway to Crete in order to fascilitate the conditions of the health system, not only in the cities, but in the villages as well!

There is even more to come in the future in cooperation with hospitals in Norway.

Employees in the tourism industry in Crete, acknowledge the fact that the Norwegian are kind, educated and communicative people that want to help all over the world. So did the staff of the hotel Summer Dream in Rethymno that hosts Scandinavian people so many years now.

Artcile in the Norwegian Press

A thank you letter from Norway to Crete


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